The toll Covid-19 has taken on nurses throughout the country.

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Jeannie Dougherty

The toll Covid-19 has taken on nurses throughout the country.

The Heartbreaking Toll Covid has Taken on Healthcare Providers Now that we have entered our second year of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Midwest, we want to do something we’ve never done before: which is to acknowledge the heart-breaking toll this virus has taken on the world as a whole, but especially the medical community

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Top Rated Healthcare Staffing Agency: Officially

Next Move is excited to announce that our hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed as we’ve just been recognized  as one of Great Recruiter’s Top Rated Healthcare Staffing Firms of 2022! Great Recruiters Certified & Top Rated!  We’ve been Great Recruiters Certified for quite some time and are honored with this new distinction,

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Are Travel Nurse Recruiters Lying, Scheming, A-Holes?

We often receive comments on social media that we’re a bunch of liars, that none of the jobs we post are real jobs, and all we’re doing is just looking to scam RNs out of their livelihoods. So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to address some common misconceptions people have about healthcare staffing recruiters,

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Why do nurses want to work in Florida?

It’s not exactly a “breaking news” type of headline – but the majority of RNs that reach out to us have an expressed interest in travel nursing in the beautiful state of Florida. Is there more to it than just the desire to work near white sandy beaches, under bright-blue, sunny skies, or in idyllic

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