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With 1,000s of nursing jobs being added daily we specialize in travel nursing jobs throughout the Midwest and beyond. 

Next Move Inc.


10% Higher Pay Packages

Because we’re a small team of nurses and healthcare  professionals, we have an extremely low overhead. Which is why we pay our nurses 10% more than other travel agencies.

Recruiters Available 24/7

Real life human beings available to you almost any time of day or night. Got a question at 4:00 am or 10:00 pm? No problem. We are available to you anytime. 

No Fake Nursing Jobs

We literally never post anything that isn’t real or awesome. Our published jobs are available in real-time and as soon as they’re filled, we take them off line and move on to the next. 

As a small, but growing team, we can’t afford to waste anyone’s time by blowing steam just to increase our nursing database. The most common comment we get from our nurses is: “They treat me like I’m their only nurse.” That’s because we take the time to build actual, real life relationships with our nurses so that we can better serve them – and find them those premier nursing assignments.


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We’re not here to waste your time with endless applications and skills checklists. We take the time to get to know you, your needs and your qualifications all before you ever have to fill out a single form. With thousands of jobs coming in daily, and a dedicated recruiter team available to you 24/7, you’ll never regret checking out what we have to offer. 

All you need to qualify to be a travel nurse is 2 years of experience, 2 recent referrals, an active license in your specialty and an updated resume.



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Nursing in Kansas City and at various healthcare institutions across the country is a rewarding, challenging career. Through your exceptional skills, compassion and hard work, you make a difference in the lives of your patients on a daily basis regardless of the community that you are working in at the time. While full-time and part-time staff nursing jobs are most common, travel nursing in Kansas City and elsewhere is another career path that you can follow that brings unique perks. Whether you are only looking into travel nursing in Missouri for the first time or you are a seasoned traveler who is looking for a better staffing agency and more lucrative RN jobs near me, Next Move is the agency that you want to work with.


A Different Kind of Nurse Staffing Agency

The typical nurse staffing agency is huge, and the recruiters specifically focus on filling the available nursing jobs as soon as possible. At Next Move, we are a smaller nurse staffing agency in Kansas City that has a different way of doing things. We want our travel nursing professionals to find the rewarding and lucrative positions that are right for them. At the same time, we offer a vital service to local and regional healthcare institutions so that they can continue to deliver quality care to their patients. Specifically, we help institutions who are in urgent need of nursing in Kansas City and elsewhere to connect with qualified travel nurses like you who are ready to jump in and help.


Focused on Travel Nursing in Kansas City and Far Beyond

Next Move is a nurse staffing agency that helps hospitals and other healthcare institutions fill their urgent needs for temporary nursing in Kansas City. Because we focus specifically on travel nursing in Kansas City, across the state and throughout the region, we excel in what we do. We are not a large agency where you may easily get lost in the shuffle. Our small agency is staffed by qualified, driven individuals who are passionate about what they do. They strive to make a difference in the lives of our clients on a daily basis. When you connect with our experienced team Next Move to find new travel hospital jobs in Kansas City or in other areas, you will receive the full attention of your recruiter throughout your search for your next nursing jobs in Missouri. More than that, we strive to develop productive and lasting relationships with our travel nurses so that we can continue to be a part of their career journey.


Dedicated to Transparency and Honesty

Each member of our team at Next Move is dedicated to helping our clients optimize the benefits of travel nursing in Missouri. We understand the need to find nursing jobs that meet your expectations in critical areas like location, compensation and specialty. Some of the other agencies that you may use to search for hospital jobs near me may have teaser jobs listed on their boards. These are jobs with excellent features that grab your attention, but these jobs may not currently be available. At Next Move, we assure you that all of the posts for travel nursing jobs in Missouri and in other states that you see on our website are currently available. You will never waste your time looking at job posts that are not available when you work with our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City. We also will always answer your questions honestly so that you can make the right decisions for you about the specific RN jobs in Missouri and beyond that you choose to apply for.


Friendly Support for Our Nurses at All Hours

At our nurse staffing agency in Missouri, we always maintain open lines of communication with our traveling nursing professionals. In many healthcare facilities, nursing in Missouri requires professionals to work long shifts so that patients can receive the around-the-clock care that they need. Our team understands that it is not always easy for our traveling nurses to connect with others during normal business hours. We also know that issues or concerns related to current or future assignments may arise at all hours, and these concerns could require a prompt response from our team. Whether you are nursing in Kansas City or in a hospital located hundreds of miles away, the team at our nurse staffing agency is available to speak with you at any time. We want you to feel fully supported by Next Move while you are travel nursing in Missouri or elsewhere.


A Growing Team Focused on Helping You Achieve Your Goals

From our newest recruiters to our founding partners, each member of our team brings unique professional and personal experiences to the group, and these are attributes that they can draw from while serving the varied needs of our talented clients. Our goal is not to be the largest nurse staffing agency in Kansas City. Instead, we focus on hiring professionals who have a true passion for nursing in Kansas City and beyond. Our team understands the critical role that travel nursing in Missouri and elsewhere plays in supporting local communities, and we always work hard to connect our nurses with the specific nursing jobs that they can excel in. At the same time, we actively recruit dedicated, skilled and experienced professionals who will thrive professionally in travel nursing jobs. By focusing on these primary concepts, the growth of our nurse staffing agency will be firmly rooted in our company’s guiding principles. These principles are rooted in supporting our many clients through personalized service.


Exceptional Compensation for Nursing in Missouri and Other Areas

Traveling RN jobs in Kansas City are infinitely rewarding on many levels, but we understand the need for our nurses to receive excellent compensation for their time and efforts while they are in travel positions. If you compare the travel nursing jobs offered by our nurse staffing agency to those offered by larger agencies, you may notice that the compensation for our listings is somewhat higher. How can we consistently ensure that our travel nurses receive the full compensation that they deserve? Because our nurse staffing agency is small and is efficiently managed, we operate with minimized overhead. While some other agencies may pocket the difference themselves, we pass this difference on to the many travel nurses who we serve. If you are thinking about travel nursing in Kansas or elsewhere, you are assured that you will receive excellent compensation when you select one of our travel hospital jobs in Kansas City or in other areas that you are interested in.


Next Move is known for providing all of our clients with personalized attention and knowledgeable support. At the same time, we work to help our clients be successful and to feel rewarded while working in travel nursing in Kansas City and beyond. If you are thinking about travel nursing in Missouri or if you are looking for a nurse staffing agency that has your best interests in mind, we invite you to connect with one of our recruiters today. We want to show you the difference that our staffing agency can make.

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