Don’t Judge: Tattoo Life

At Next Move we believe that at the core of any good nurse is a desire to provide the best

New Recruiter with Mercedes Dreams

   Next Move is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our team: Maggie DeBusk-Galley: aka all-star recruiter with over

The Next Move Difference

This week we had a chance to sit down with our very own CEO for a little Q&A on the

COVID Baby Boom or Bust?

Will COVID-19 result in a baby boom, or bust? Hear what nurses nationwide have to say.

Top 19 Mobile Apps for Nurses

We’ve all been there, you’re given instructions to administer a particular medication, and you draw a complete blank on what that medication

Top 6 Nursing Side-Hustles

There are some great ways to earn a little cash on the side of your nursing career and none of them really take too much time or energy and

Nursing Marketing Update

What specialties are hot right now? How much are assignments paying? Find out this and more with this week’s Nursing Market Update

kc nursing positions

Is Travel Nursing Right for You?

If you’re a staff nurse that has ever considered travel nursing, then this is the section for you. Travel nursing offers a variety of benefi

Nursing Hot Jobs Missouri

What is a “Travel” Nurse?

Travel nursing started out as a response to a shortage of available nurses – where industry nurses were called upon to travel to work in tem

Do You Qualify to be a Travel Nurse?

You may think it’s difficult to be a travel nurse, but in truth if you’re already a nurse with a couple years of experience, you most likely

How to File Taxes as a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses filing their taxes for the tax year will need to take the current year’s new tax laws into consideration before they file. On

You Know You’re a Nurse When…

Nursing is probably one of the only professions that you could hardly call “just a job”. It’s a lifestyle that

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