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Top Ten of the Worst Gifts to Give a Nurse

What’s the worst gift you could ever possibly give a nurse? Here we go through our list of “Top Ten” worst gifts for nurses & some better alternatives.

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The Next Move App

If you haven’t heard – Next Move has launched a brand-new Next Move Mobile App! Aside from keeping track of all your

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Top Ten Tips & Resources for Finding Travel Nurse Housing

Because of a sense of loyalty I felt to my hospital, which had given me so much over the last few years, I stayed onboard. But after about 8-months I decided I had fulfilled my duty to my hospital, and it was time to go learn something new – so I signed up with Next Move as a travel nurse and have never looked back.

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5 Insanely Good Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

While you’ll be performing the same job as you have been for however long you’ve been a nurse – you’ll just be doing it in brand new hospitals, with brand new colleagues in brand new cities and towns across the country. Not to state the obvious: there are 5 major differences between travel and staff nursing.

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7 Childcare Solutions for Nurses Who Work Beyond the 9 to 5

Most travel nurses do not work a traditional 9 to 5 schedule. The average travel nursing shift is 12-hours long. There are usually three types of shifts: If you have small children, and most daycare facilities do not offer extended hours, what are your childcare options? Here we list 7 creative childcare solutions for nurses who wish to travel, but have children under 5-years of age.

Independent Nurse Contractor

Independent Nurse Contractor: Should you travel without an agency?

When exploring a career change to travel nursing many RNs may wonder if they should pursue becoming an independent nurse contractor. Can you travel nurse without a travel nurse agency and will you make more money by doing so? The bottom line is: Yes! But there are some catches.

Travel Nurse

“I heard the horror stories of how travel nurses were treated: Not true.”

Before I started traveling, I of course heard all the horror stories about how travelers were treated poorly and given crappy assignments – but that hasn’t been my experience at all. In fact – I enjoyed my first assignment so much – I’ve already signed a couple extensions at the same hospital. And I’m actually working days, after working nights for 5 years. So it’s really nice to have this experience for the first time.

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When Lives Are On The Line & Nurse Burnout Is Real

There isn’t a job on the planet that’s 100% “stress-free.” For those of us who don’t work in health care – you’ll often hear the joke: “at least nobody died” or “it’s not brain surgery”. That’s because the daily decisions most of us make at work have exactly zero impact on whether someone lives or dies. For registered nurses: The exact opposite is true.

Market Update

Next Move Marketing Update: What to expect for the next 6-12 months

A year and a half into the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the new Delta variant on the scene, many of our travelers have asked what to expect in the coming months? What specialties will be in high demand? Do we expect a flu outbreak this year? And of course – what geographic locations do we expect to see an increase in demand for travel nurses?

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“I needed to take back control of my career. Travel nursing gave me that freedom”

I wish I could say I became a travel nursing because of a  desire to help others. That has truly been a bonus that I didn’t realize was going to be a part of this job when I decided to make the choice to become a nurse. The truth is I was a very young mother, married and divorced by the time I was 23 and I had a family to support.  I come from a small town that doesn’t have a lot of job opportunities and I was looking for a job that would provide some stability for me and my family. I wanted a job that I could take anywhere, that I could go anywhere with and that would always be there. I wanted to do something I could be proud of and do something that not everybody could do. So, I became a nurse! And 16 years later, I still love being a nurse, even more so than ever before. Especially now that I’ve been traveling and seeing other nurses, this was a good step that I needed in my career.

Jessica Hume

Travel Nurse Interviews: Jessica, ICU RN

The thing that sold me on Next Move was knowing that many of the recruiters are former travel nurses themselves. They really know firsthand what to look for and ask for when signing a contract and could preempt any sort of hiccup a first time traveler might experience.

~Jessica, ICU RN

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True or False: Travel Nurses Treated Poorly?

We recently surveyed all our Next Move nurses to get a feel, in real-time, of what they love about travel nursing, what they hate, and what we as the best travel nurse agency in the Midwest, can do to help.

The survey brought some insight to the team and we’d like to address it with you directly today:

Are travel nurses treated poorly by hospital staff?

fun things to do in Missouri

Missouri Weather: Hot Enough to Travel

Missouri Weather: Now is the perfect time to travel nurse in Missouri. Here are some fun things you can do to enjoy that Missouri weather.

travel nurse housing

Finding Travel Nurse Housing: Springfield, Missouri

Because of a sense of loyalty I felt to my hospital, which had given me so much over the last few years, I stayed onboard. But after about 8-months I decided I had fulfilled my duty to my hospital, and it was time to go learn something new – so I signed up with Next Move as a travel nurse and have never looked back.

block scheduling

Travel Nursing Tips: Block Scheduling?

Many of our nurses will make the request (and prefer for obvious reasons), block scheduling.  A lot of hospitals will grant travel nurses this type of schedule, and some will not. 

make the most money

Travel Nurse Salary: Top 3 Ways to Make the Most Money

We’ve yet to meet a travel nurse that didn’t start out as a traveler wanting to make as much money as possible, especially since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic when weekly nursing rates were skyrocketing at $6-10K a week.

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Annual Income of a Travel Nurse: 3 Real Testimonials

How much do nurses that work for Next Move earn annually? We spoke to 3 of our nurses who have worked multiple contracts with us over the past 2-years. Below we give you an outline of how much they earned in the last 12-months, what kind of hours they worked, how much time they took off, their travel nursing experience and what goals they were looking to meet.

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True or False: Travel Nurses don’t receive any healthcare benefits?

One of the biggest misconceptions about travel nursing is that you have to fly solo when it comes to healthcare and benefits and things like 401Ks and we’re here to tell you: not true.

In addition to all the perks and benefits of being a travel nurse: higher pay, schedule flexibility, more nursing experience, travel nurses get a lot of the same traditional benefits staff nurses get such as health, vision, and dental insurance along with 401K benefits.

Nursing Resume Tips

Travel Nurse Resume Tips & FREE Template

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from all other nurse travelers is to fine tune your nursing resume in order to help your recruiters submit you for assignments in a faster, more effective way. Unlike staff nursing – where you are your own representative – in the world of travel you will most likely make a connection with a travel nurse recruiter who will then represent you to secure those premier travel nursing assignments.

first time travel nurse

17 Tips for a First Time Travel Nurse

Dozens of nurses over the years have come to me curious about how I make this travel nursing thing work and the common sentiment amongst nurses on why they don’t consider letting go of their staff positions and jumping into the world of travel is: FEAR. All caps.

nurses week 2021

Celebrating Nurses Week – 2021

There’s no denying that since the pandemic hit early last year, honoring our nation’s nurses is profoundly more significant than it ever has been before, which makes this year’s National Nursing Week, that much more important. Be it a national health emergency or just routing daily care, we here at Next Move Inc. recognize nurses’ vital contributions and the impact they have on the health and well-being of our communities.

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Don’t Judge: Tattoo Life

At Next Move we believe that at the core of any good nurse is a desire to provide the best

9 years as a travel nurse

Veteran RN joins the Next Move team as our newest recruiter!

It is our great pleasure to introduce the newest member of our recruitment team: Danielle Adkisson, a travel RN with over 9.5 years of travel experience!

Originally from Elkins, West Virginia Danielle has over 11 years of nursing experience and is brand new to the recruitment world – but with a depth of knowledge of what travel nurses need and want that comes unmatched.

new nursing recruiter

New Recruiter with Mercedes Dreams

   Next Move is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our team: Maggie DeBusk-Galley: aka all-star recruiter with over

John Nolan Nurse

What makes Next Move different than other travel nurse agencies?

This week we had a chance to sit down with our very own CEO for a little Q&A on the travel nursing world and who we are as an agency: What makes Next Move and the recruiters at Next Move different than other travel nursing agencies? What our Next Move’s challenges and successes?

COVID babies

COVID Baby Boom or Bust?

Will COVID-19 result in a baby boom, or bust? Hear what nurses nationwide have to say.

nursing side hustles

Top 6 Nursing Side-Hustles

There are some great ways to earn a little cash on the side of your nursing career and none of them really take too much time or energy and

hottest nursing jobs

Market Update: Travel Nursing 2020

What specialties are hot right now? How much are assignments paying? Find out this and more with this week’s Nursing Market Update

how much do travel nurses make?

How much do you travel nurses make?

Nurse Traveler Salaries and Benefits ​ According to Indeed, the average yearly salary for a travel nurse is $75,109. However, since pay i…

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