The CDC says pineapples don’t belong on pizza.

CDC Recommendations?


Apparently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have lost their minds – that is if you believe everything you read on the internet.  The new CDC  recommendations include ignoring red-flags, running with scissors, ordering pineapple on pizza  – well –  at least according to the jokesters and meme-makers painting the walls of social media.

In truth, the internet is simply having a blast in response to a recent update on CDC recommendations in relation to the amount of time one should isolate and/or quarantine if exposed to Covid.

The memes and jokes generally start with “The CDC says…” and are finished off by a fake – and often outrageously funny recommendation.

From suggesting the phrase “calm down” will deescalate marital disputes to releasing your inhibitions by feeling the rain on your skin to being released from quarantine only once you hit the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop – the humor is endless and never ending.

We know it’s been a tough year for you, for us, heck – for everyone – and the one questions we ask ourselves, daily, is: When will this madness end?! (Sometimes we add a “For the love of God!” to the end of that question.)

We don’t know. We don’t have the answer. Couldn’t possibly. But what we can do – is share a little humor to brighten your evening or your morning or whatever time of day it is for you when you stumbled upon this humble little blog. 

We do hope these make laugh ’til you cry – or at least let out a little in-pubic snort. 


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