COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Our Nurses Are Our First Priority

At Next Move we want you to know that while your top priority during this very unusual time is the safety, health and well-being of your patients, our top priority is you and we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure that you're taken care of as well. We are in constant contact with all our healthcare institutions - making sure they have the correct CDC guidelines and protocols in place to keep our nurses safe, happy and healthy and ensure we can continue the fight against COVID-19.​

The Next Move Guarantee

Our Guarantee To Our Nurses: If you contract COVID-19 while at work, or are quarantined during your assignment due to exposure while working a contract for Next Move, Inc., Next Move, Inc. will pay your contracted hourly wage for two weeks while quarantined, and if you have documented prepaid housing expenses for this period Next Move, Inc. will also reimburse you for the costs associated with your housing.

Due to a growing patient census and the fact that some hospitals have initialized coronavirus quarantines of some of their core staff there has been an increase in a need for rapid response travel nurses. If you are interested in these high paying positions, please contact one of our recruiters (John or Shelby) today.

As travel nurses being asking to go into work, while everyone else is being asked to stay home - we know you are also seeking the most up-to-date information possible when it comes to your safety and the current state of this pandemic. 

Below we hope to answer some of those questions for you and will update this page regularly.

Joint Commission Recommendations on COVID-19

The following information has been taken from the Joint Commission’s COVID-19 webpage.


Proper removal (doffing) of a gown

What to do when there is a critical shortage of PPE?


CDC guidance on optimizing the supply of:

FDA guidance on optimizing the supply of:


Please Note: In reviewing FDA guidance on strategies to conserve gloves, you need to know what type of gloves you use in your facility (e.g., latex, vinyl and nitrile). It is safe to use alcohol-based hand rub on latex and nitrile gloves. But the FDA states that alcohol is not recommended for cleaning vinyl gloves because it may degrade them.


FDA guidance on:

Q&A: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What is it? 

What is coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Symptoms of Coronavirus (Graphic)

How long the Coronavirus can survive on surfaces. (Graphic)
How long it takes to show symptoms of the Coronavirus. (Graphic)

How can we stop it? 

What is the CDC (Center for Disease Control) doing to help slow the transmission?

What does "flattening the curve" actually mean? 
How to protect yourself and others against COVID-19?

Difference between social distancing, self quarantine and isolation. (Graphic)

COVID-19 U.S. State by State projections

Who is at risk?

People who are susceptible to getting the Coronavirus. (Graphic)

Live dashboard of Coronavirus cases

World Health Organization Dashboard (Live feed of current cases)

Live dashboard of Coronavirus cases and deaths worldwide

Live Google map of coronavirus cases. 

More Coronavirus information

Coronavirus Simulator 

What happens during a quarantine? 

How does coronavirus compare with the flu? 
Coronavirus is very different than the Spanish Flu

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.24.33 PM.png

General Facts about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The following information streamed in live from

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