COVID Surge Increases Need for RNs in Missouri

COVID Surge in Missouri


As of today’s date – Missouri currently leads the nation with the highest rate of new COVID-19 infections. It’s being reported that this is a result of Missouri’s low vaccination rate (as low as 24% in rural areas) and the onset of the new COVID-19 Delta variant taking an increased hold on the area.  According to local news outlets: “Missouri’s daily average of new cases is now more than 560 compared to an average of less than 290 a month ago.”


COVID Surge Increases Need for RNs in Missouri


As a result there is a vastly increased need for travel RNs – specifically in Springfield & Branson, Missouri with travel nursing pay rates topping out at $4,017 per week gross for travel RNs willing to work a 48-hour a week contract, and $3,001 for a 36-hour a week contract. Many hospitals are now also offering 4, 6, 8 and 13-week contracts.

Specialities in high demand include: ER, MICU, ICU, Tele, Med/Surg, OR, Pre/Post Op, Endoscopy and Respiratory Therapy.

For an up-to-date listing of these RN and RT travel nursing jobs – please click here.


Travel Nursing in Missouri


Many RNs who’ve never traveled to Missouri – are probably not familiar with just how great of a spot it is for a travel assignment – especially during these summer and upcoming fall months. The weather is just right to get out on your days off and have a lot of fun safely! Check out our list of “Fun things to do in Missouri” here.


Travel Nurse Housing in Missouri


First time travel nurses may also feel a little stressed at finding their own housing! The good news is – many hospitals in the Missouri area are providing direct housing assistance for travelers interested in these hot assignments. We’ve also taken some time to do a little research of our own and have created a blog specific to finding housing in Springfield, Missouri – with actual real-life housing listings you can can take advantage of. Check out our blog “Finding Travel Nurse Housing: Springfield, Missouri” here.


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Travel Nursing Testimonials

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