COVID-19 Updates


Our Guarantee To Our Nurses: If you contract COVID-19 in the workplace while on contract with Next Move Inc., Next Move Inc. will pay you $25/hr per week (max 40hrs) during the time that you’re presenting a positive, PCR COVID-19 test OR up to 2-weeks after a positive PCR COVID-19 test is presented to the agency.*

*Some restrictions may apply. Dependent on individual facility policy and subject to change.

For questions, please contact HR@nextmoveinc.com

COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

Our Nurses Are Our First Priority

At Next Move we want you to know that while your top priority during this very unusual time is the safety, health and well-being of your patients, our top priority is you and we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure that you’re taken care of as well. We are in constant contact with all our healthcare institutions – making sure they have the correct CDC guidelines and protocols in place to keep our nurses safe, happy and healthy and ensure we can continue the fight against COVID-19.

Rapid Response Assignments

Due to a growing patient census and the fact that some hospitals have initialized coronavirus quarantines of some of their core staff, there has been an increase in a need for rapid response travel nurses. If you are interested in these high paying positions, please contact us today.

As travel nurses being asking to go into work, while everyone else is being asked to stay home – we know you are also seeking the most up-to-date information possible when it comes to your safety and the current state of this pandemic. 

Below we hope to answer some of those questions for you and will update this page regularly.

Joint Commission Recommendations

The Joint Commission recognizes the incredible challenge that health care organizations and front-line workers face with the COVID-19 crisis. Read a letter and watch a video from their CEO.

Live Google Map of Coronavirus Cases

General Facts About Covid-19

At Next Move, we understand the anxiety and stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has created around the globe. We also know that our nurses stand at the frontlines in the pandemic and provide essential care to those who are dealing with this virus as well as to those who have other healthcare needs in these trying times. As you consider applying for travel RN jobs near me through Next Move, you understandably may feel a sense of trepidation about stepping into an unfamiliar environment during a pandemic. Rest assured that our team at Next Move is constantly monitoring the situation, and we have taken numerous steps to respond to our nurses’ unique needs while they are working in RN jobs in Kansas City and beyond.


The Vital Function of Our Nurses

Around the world, people have been instructed to stay at home and to stay away from others. Social distancing and quarantining can dramatically reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus as well as its variants. However, the brave nurses who accept travel RN jobs in Kansas City and beyond go against the grain to serve the healthcare needs of others. While all of our clients looking for nursing jobs near me will inevitably increase their risk of contracting the virus themselves, some of our nurses actually accept positions in COVID units that are inundated with patients.


Our Efforts to Ensure Safe Work Environments

At Next Move, we want our clients to be as safe as possible while they are working in a position as a travel nurse during the pandemic. Our team regularly communicates with the healthcare institutions that we work with to ensure that proper cleaning and sanitation measures are being taken routinely. Regardless of the type of travel RN jobs near me that you prefer to apply for, we want you to feel confident that the employer is doing its part to keep nurses and other healthcare providers as safe as possible on the premises. Our recruiters are happy to answer your questions about these measures, and we encourage you to connect with us if you have lingering concerns about any healthcare institutions before you apply for travel hospital jobs near me.


The Next Move Guarantee

As a travel nurse, your income is directly tied to your ability to safely go into work every day. You may be apprehensive about leaving staff hospital jobs near me where you have paid sick leave during a pandemic. All of the travel RN jobs near me that are listed on our board today have exceptional compensation, and these positions often pay more than comparable staff positions. In addition to the ability to earn an impressive amount of money, you can take advantage of our Next Move Guarantee. This guarantee gives you up to two weeks of paid compensation if you are required to quarantine or if you contract the virus at work. This compensation is based on the contracted hourly rate for the assignment. If you are working on an assignment outside of your hometown and you have prepaid housing expenses, Next Move will also cover this expense for up to two weeks.


Lucrative Rapid Response Assignments

The unfortunate reality is that hospitals and healthcare clinics are overwhelmed by the number of patients who require care during this pandemic. In addition to dealing with an increasing number of patients who require care, hospitals may also be coping with quarantined staff members and other issues. Because of this, you can find numerous hospital jobs near me and beyond the local area that must be filled immediately. Because of the critical need for skilled nursing assistance, these RN jobs near me may pay a premium. You must be able to respond immediately if you are chosen for one of these positions. To inquire about the current opportunities, contact your recruiter at Next Move.


Critical Data on COVID-19

The data and statistics on the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly evolving. New strains of the virus and the availability and efficacy of vaccines are adding to the volume of data that must be monitored. While this is a rapidly changing situation, some aspects of the pandemic have not changed. For example, the United States continues to be a hotspot with rapid spread of the virus in many areas of the country. While wearing facemasks and social distancing are known to decrease the risk of transmission, some people continue to ignore such recommendations. They also may participate in high-risk activities, such as attending group gatherings, exercising at gyms, flying on planes and more. Because of your important role as a healthcare professional during this pandemic, your ability to remain healthy as well as your ability to educate others who you come in contact with can be truly helpful to the communities where you choose to work.


Our Team at Next Move Is Ready to Help

Before applying for travel RN jobs near me, it is important to understand the support that your staffing agency will provide routinely as well as during the pandemic. At Next Move, our dedicated team of recruiters and other staff members are always available to support our nurses. In fact, we answer our phone at all hours of the day and night to ensure that you can get the support you need without delay. We invite you to explore the travel RN jobs near me on our board that interest you and to reach out to our recruiters for assistance with your job search and other needs.

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