Freebies & Discounts for Nurses

You may have heard (several months ago) of various retailers offering discounts for nurses. Doing their best to thank nurses and other frontline workers for all their hard work and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

You may also know that as the pandemic has started to become more and more manageable – many of these discounts for nurses have faded into the abyss. However – we’ve done a little digging for you – and below is a list of retailers who are still offering discounts for nurses (and other frontline workers)*

Many of these retailers will ask you to verify that you’re a healthcare worker with which simply requires you verify your ID with your ID badge.

*This list is up to date and accurate as of this writing: October 26, 2021

From sneakers to outdoor wear – here are your discounts!

Nike: Just do it with a 10% discount on all products via their website or the Nike app.

Danform: With you prefer Danskos or Keens, Danform prefers to give all healthcare workers a 20% discount on all footwear.

Adidas: Rock my Adidas (never rock Filas*) with a 30% thank you discount off their website or a 20% discount at one of their factory stores.

Backcountry: From outdoor wear to outdoor equipment, Backcountry is offering healthcare workers a 20% discount on select full-price items.

LululemonIf the cost was something that always kept you away from trying out the well-designed and high quality Lululemons – healthcare workers can now enjoy  25% off their entire line of products.

The above were just a few of our favorites – but you’ll also find clothing discounts at the following retail sites: MerrellCarharttPuma, and Reebok.

Mind & Body
It should be no surprise that the pandemic has taken a bit of a toll (physically & mentally) on healthcare workers. Can anybody say: Nurse Burnout? The following discounts should offer some relief:

Talkspace: Virtual therapy is so 2021 and if you’re in need of a therapist Talkspace is offering a 50% off any plan to all healthcare workers.

Talkspace is pretty cool because you have continuous access to a licensed therapist from the comfort of your own home.  

Therabody: If you’ve ever wanted your very own at-home, on-call massage – is the place to be. All healthcare workers will receive 20% off all full-priced items and 40% off open-box devices.

Music Therapy: Sonos, Bose & Samsung: How about a little bit of music therapy? Some major retailers here offering up some pretty decent discounts.

Sonos offers a 15% discount off their premium portable speakers or home audio systems.

Bose is pretty sneaky (if we’re being honest) about just how much of a discount they offer healthcare workers. But we’re told it’s a “decent discount” off any item priced over $199. But hey Bose is super high end – so it might be worth checking out.

Samsong on the other hand is pretty straightforward about their 30% discount off any product on their website.

Good Lookin’ Home-Cookin’: Both Hello Fresh & Home Chef are offering up discounts to frontline workers. Hello Fresh brings in the discount train with a 50% discount off your first box, and a 15% discount off all other boxes you purchase (for up to 1-year). Home Chef offers a similar discount – but just 50% off your first purchased boxed meal.

Speaking of Food: How about a free donut?

Krispy Kreme: If you got your COVID vaccine, Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut EVERY DAY for the REST OF THE YEAR. Wow.

More Discounts
For even more discounts: Check out for the entire list of discounts currently being offered for healthcare workers.

*If it’s been driving you crazy – here is the link to that lyrical reference.

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