When time is of the essence and decisions need to be made in an instant, finding and recruiting a travel nurse who has all the qualities and criteria you need may seem like a daunting task. The first key step to success is to partner with a national travel nursing agency that has a robust infrastructure and demonstrates superior customer service.


Welcome to Next Move Incorporated where we have placed 100s of nurses into assignments across the Midwest, as well as California, Colorado, and Texas. We are able to create an optimum match between your unit and the travel nurse, while offering flexible, cost-effective solutions that fit your specific staffing requirements. 


We offer clinical liaison reviews of traveler applications, annual reference checking and the highest standards of compliance. The expertise and tenure of our recruiters also increases your chances of finding a well-rounded, quality match for your facility. 

Tips to ensuring a successful match:

  • Forecast your staffing needs

  • Provide specific details about the match you're looking for

  • Prepare to conduct interviews by phone or video conferencing

  • Remember interviews are a two-street, your nurse applicant will most likely have several questions

Questions that nurse travelers want answered:

  • What is the nurse-patient ratio at your facility?  

  • What type of patients do you most often treat?  

  • What is your float policy?

  • How are the hours scheduled for this shift?

  • What are the responsibilities of this position?

  • Why are you hiring a traveler?

  • How are travelers treated at your facility?

  • What type of orientation do you offer travelers?

If you're looking for a nurse traveler for your facility, fill out the following form and one of our recruiters will be in touch with you shortly. 

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