How Much Do Travel Nurses Actually Earn Per Year?

Nurse Traveler Salaries and Benefits

According to Indeed, the average yearly salary for a travel nurse is $75,109. However, since pay is competitive in travel nursing, at Next Move, our nurses make on average of upwards of $100,000 a year for full time work and Next Move pays, on average, 10% more than larger travel nurse agencies because of our low overhead, and small team.


Next Move’s travel nurses receive comprehensive healthcare benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance (with 65% of the premium paid by Next Move).

We also offer a 401(k) plan that is immediately vested with a 4% match. Additional benefits include competitive compensation, referral bonuses, direct deposit, the maximum allowable IRS travel stipend plus a healthy meals and expenditure stipend, educational opportunities, payment for licensing and certification renewals (ACLS, BLS, PALS, etc.) including licensing expenditures in new states, and payment for CE credits.

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