How to Avoid Contract Cancellations

Unfortunately contract cancellations do occasionally happen. In the event that your contract gets cancelled, we will of course begin work immediately on finding you another assignment.  We get asked about cancelled contracts all the time and the two most common questions are: (1) Will I be compensated for a cancelled contract and (2) what can I do to prevent my contract from being cancelled?

Here’s the short and sweet:

Will you be compensated for a cancelled contract?

This will depend on the facility’s rules for cancelled contracts.  Some hospitals have “guaranteed hours.” If the hours are guaranteed, the hospital must allow you to come in on a different day to make up your shift that week, or float you to a different unit within your scope.

If the hospital does not provide that opportunity, you get paid for the missing hours!

Hospitals may have other types of cancellation policies such as “may cancel the traveler one shift every two weeks” or “may cancel the traveler up to two shifts  per length of contract.” The important thing to do is ask your recruiter what the policy is before signing the contract.

How can you avoid having your contract cancelled?

Sometimes, contract cancellations are unavoidable due to fluctuating censuses at hospitals but there are some things you can do to avoid having your contract cancelled for other reasons:

  • Always ask for any necessary time off before a contract starts. Asking for time off during a contract, could lead to your entire contract being cancelled.
  • Always show up on time, if not a few minutes early to show you’re committed to the assignment.
  • Try to be open to floating when and where it is needed. You want to show the hospital  you’re a valued member of the team, willing to help out other departments.
  • A positive attitude goes a long way, so show up with a smile! Nobody likes a Grumpy-McGrumperson.
  • Be overly communicative to the person you report directly to. Remember you’re new to the hospital – not only will communicating often show them you’re on top of things, but it will also give them a chance to know you more not just as a nurse but as a person too!
  • Don’t slack off on charting. Make it a top priority!
  • Be adaptable to things when and if they change. If you’re a “go with the flow” kinda nurse, you’ll be much more likeable, and valuable than someone who complains all the time.

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