How to Pay Off Your BSN in Just Over One Year

One of the bonuses of being a travel nurse is that you make a bit more money than your standard staffing job. But why listen to us? Let’s hear from a traveler who paid off his student loans in just over 1 year. Meet: Andrew Leshin.


Andrew Leshin, RN, BSN, CCRN


Andrew Leshin, one of our travel nurses, was able to pay off his student loans for his BSN in just over a year. Here’s what he had to say:

“The big reason I went into travel nursing was the fact that it simply pays more. I was working overtime as a staff nurse for about a year before I went into travel nursing and was living paycheck to paycheck and not feeling very financially secure. I also realized that I wasn’t really making any headway into the student loans that I had at the time (for my Associate’s Degree) and with some other things that needed to get paid off – I just wasn’t really getting ahead financially.

How can I get ahead as a nurse?


So that was my conundrum: how can I get ahead as a nurse? After some research I discovered travel nursing and saw it as my ticket to becoming more financially stable. Now that I’ve managed to pay off my BSN in just over a year, I’ll continue to travel as I’ve falling in love with traveling. In addition to feeling financially secure, having an emergency fund, and basically never having to worry about money again there are still plenty of other things I want to do.

I also don’t want to give the impression that I’m some sort of wealthy tycoon and was able to do so just by traveling. For me the money I earn from traveling is more about being able to kind of have a backup plan – a safety net – which I never really had before as a staff nurse.”




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