Joint Commission Certified! Next Move Awarded Gold Seal of Approval

The team at Next Move is thrilled to announce that on October 15, 2020, the Joint Commission awarded our agency their prestigious Gold Seal of Approval and we are now officially a “Certified” Healthcare Staffing services agency. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects our commitment to delivering the highest standards of service and our dedication to excellence and compliance.  

In early October, our agency went through a rigorous on-site review of our compliance with national patient safety standards, including a thorough inspection of how we determined the qualifications and competency of our clinical staff, how we monitor staff’s performance, and how Next Move Inc. as an organization structures our operations to ensure quality for the health systems they serve. 

As a company, we’re committed to continually improving our compliance practices, including the implementation of new technology and tools to provide the best experience possible to those we serve. We are proud to be recognized for our dedication to excellence in standardizing our operating procedures and compliance measures.

The ongoing shortages of nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals have forced health care organizations to increasingly fill positions with temporary workers through contractual arrangements with staffing firms. Health care organizations that contract with Next Move Inc and the nurses that wish to work with us can look to this certification as an assurance that Next Move Inc. demonstrates a commitment to providing and continuously improving quality services.

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