President & CEO


John is known as the “make it happen” man. He gets positive results simply by asking the question “what does ‘yes’ look like?”


Chief Operating Officer


Drew comes with a background in hospitality and start-ups and is one of our strongest business development professionals.


Chief Clinical Officer


With 6+ years experience as a Neuro/Trauma nurse, John has a knack for matching nurses to assignments that are “just right”. 

Kansas City Nursing Heymach

Associate Vice President


With over 5 years of experience, CC focuses on recruiting new talent as well as building and growing relationships with new recruits.


Associate Vice President


With over 5 years of experience, Matt’s main focus is matching premier healthcare institutions with highly qualifed nursing staff. 

Kansas City Nursing

Chief Marketing Officer


Jeannie comes to us with over 10 years of healthcare marketing experience. At Next Move she works with our team to create and deliver effective marketing strategies. 
travel nurse jobs jeannie

Compliance & Development Manager


With over 5 years of experience, Taylor manages compliance and maintains our legal and ethical integrity across the entire organization.


Recruiting Supervisor


Shelby is the “Bob Ross” of recruiting. With just a few keystrokes she’s able to turn any nurse’s vision into a gorgeous nursing gig.


Account Manager


With over 15 years of staffing experience, Lyndsey ensures that all our premier healthcare institutions have an exceptional client experience.


Account Manager


With over 4 years of experience, Zach’s focus is facilitating relationships between healthcare institutions and our team of qualified nurses.

kc nursing jobs zach

Senior Healthcare Recruiter


Travel nurse (14 assignments, 12 hospitals, 19 units, and counting!) turned travel nurse recruiter and here to answer all your questions.

travel nurse jobs caleb



Danyelle brings to Next Move 8 years of recruitment experience and 4.5 years of healthcare recruitment experience. 




Experienced RN with over 9.5 years of nursing experience and a depth of knowledge of what travel nurses need and want that comes to traveling.



All-star recruiter with over 3 years of recruitment experience dedicated to taking care of all her nurses and finding opportunities that are the perfect fit.


Sourcing Specialist


With over 5 years of account management experience, Devin comes to us as a sourcing guru in search of the most qualified, talented RNs he can find.

At Next Move, we are a Kansas City staffing agency that has assembled an incredible team of highly qualified individuals who each bring their unique experiences and talents to the table. We invite you to meet our team here and to get to know us on a more personal level in the months and years to come as we support your travel nurse goals.


John Nolan – Managing Partner

John Nolan is one of two managing partners at Next Move, and he stands out in a crowd with his confident smile and his “can do” attitude. He actively supports each traveling nurse who he works with as well as the amazing team that he has assembled at Next Move. John particularly takes pride in helping his clients achieve their goals through travel nursing. He also enjoys opening the eyes of first-time traveling nurses to the incredible benefits of this rewarding line of work. As one of the company’s leaders, John Nolan strives to create a positive workplace that the Next Move team enjoys spending time in.


Drew Coleman – Managing Partner

Next Move’s other managing partner, Drew Coleman, brings a wide range of unique experiences and skills to the company. Formerly a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, Drew also has a strong background in the hospitality industry. While he wears many hats at Next Move, his primary focus is on business growth. Drew actively supports and nurtures Next Move by being a solid leader in the office and by building and maintaining great relationships with the company’s many happy clients.


John Heymach – Clinical Operations Manager

John Heymach is Next Move’s Clinical Operations Manager, and he is one of our many team members who have extensive experience working in the field as a nurse. Specifically, John spent more than six years working as a Neuro/Trauma nurse at a local hospital. His professional accomplishments also extend to launching Kansas City’s top IV therapy company. While John Heymach has some serious credentials and is a true expert in the nursing field, he is also a boisterous member of the team with a contagious smile and a service-oriented mentality.


Shelby Sutherland – Senior Recruiter

As Next Move’s Senior Recruiter, Shelby Sutherland is passionate about recruiting new professionals and about helping them find the perfect travel nursing jobs in Missouri and elsewhere for their needs. Shelby recognizes the fact that each nurse has unique goals and aspirations. She takes pride in learning about each nurse’s individual goals and needs and in providing nurses with personalized attention. In fact, some of her top experiences as the company’s recruiter involved helping traveling nurses who were dealing with truly special circumstances find positions that were a perfect match for them.


Cecilia D’Agostino – Recruiting Manager

Cecilia D’Agostino was the third recruiter to join Next Move, and she attributes much of her success in her position as the agency’s Recruiting Manager to her ability to establish great relationships with each of her recruits. She always takes time to help her new nurses make decisions about nursing jobs and opportunities that are right for them. At the same time, she approaches each new day with a solid determination to put her best foot forward and to tackle all challenges directly.


Caleb Skyles – Recruiter

Caleb Skyles is a licensed and practicing Registered Nurse, and he is also a Recruiter at Next Move. While he spent the first two years of his career working as a full-time staff nurse, he has spent the last five years traveling between 12 hospitals and completing 14 assignments. He brings his unique and personal insight about travel nursing as well as his strong service mentality to the table. Caleb consistently works to ensure that his clients have great experiences with travel nursing in Missouri and beyond.


Danyelle Stark – Recruiter

Danyelle Stark is one of the newer professionals to work as a Recruiter at Next Move. With more than 12 years working as a recruiter and almost five years working in the healthcare recruitment field specifically, she is a true professional who knows how to build relationships. Danyelle has a friendly personality and a strong work ethic. Her travel nurse recruits love her sincerity and insight as she helps them find travel hospital jobs in Missouri and in other areas that they enjoy.


Matt Kersey – Director of Accounts

As Director of Accounts at Next Move, Matt Kersey focuses on supporting healthcare institutions across the region and beyond through his daily efforts. At the same time, he works hard to develop and maintain excellent relationships with new and established traveling nurses. Through these efforts, he strives to connect travel nurses with institutions that need their skills at the moment. As a former bartender, Matt has exceptional people skills, and he is always happy to get on the phone and to help all of our nurses live up to their professional potential.


Lyndsey Hill – Account Manager

As the Account Manager at Next Move, Lyndsey Hill works directly with many reputable healthcare institutions to ensure that all of their nurse staffing needs are met. Prior to joining Next Move, she worked in account management and corporate human resources management for more than 15 years. Through her many professional life experiences, she has proven her dedication to serving clients as well as her determination for always putting forth her best effort.


Taylor McLaughlin – Compliance Manager

Taylor McLaughlin is Next Move’s Compliance Manager, and she is tasked with ensuring that both legal and ethical standards are upheld throughout the company at all times. While this is a challenging, detail-oriented position, Taylor is the right person for the job. She has more than five years of prior compliance experience, a strong focus on integrity and a personal passion for living life to the fullest. More than that, her charming personality spreads warmth throughout the Next Move office.


Zach Beyer – Account Manager

Zach Beyer has been an Account Manager at Next Move for the last year, and he works hard to establish excellent relationships between our many travel nurses and the healthcare institutions that need their skills. Coming from a promising career with a major corporation to a fulfilling position at Next Move, Zach has unique and personal insight that he draws on when he coordinates with nurses and healthcare facilities.


Jeannie Dougherty – Chief Marketing Officer

While many of our new recruits at Next Move contact us for details about current hospital jobs in Kansas City and beyond via referrals, others hear about these exceptional opportunities through our company’s marketing efforts. As Chief Marketing Officer, Jeannie Dougherty is responsible for creating effective marketing messages and strategies that reach new recruits as well as healthcare facilities that have open travel nursing jobs. If you have discovered the nursing positions available at Next Move through our agency’s marketing, you have benefited directly from Jeannie’s efforts.


Devin Cushing – Sourcing Specialist

As Next Move’s Sourcing Specialist, Devin Cushing has unique professional expertise and talents that he aptly uses to take our company’s sourcing abilities to the next level. Before joining Next Move, he was a successful account manager for more than five years. Today, he focuses on recruiting truly talented, qualified RNs who are excited to take advantage of lucrative opportunities to grow in their careers as travel nurses.


Maggie Debusk-Galley – Recruiter

Maggie is one of the newest members of Next Move, and she serves nurses as a recruiter. She is eager to help all of her nursing clients as they identify hospital jobs in Missouri and throughout the area that are a smart fit for their skills and goals. With her positive attitude and her solid work ethic, Maggie is always ready to respond to nurses needs and inquiries.


Danielle Adkisson – Recruiter

Danielle Adkisson is a Recruiter at Next Move, and she also has more than 11 years of nursing experience. This includes more than nine years as a travel nurse. Through her professional experience, she has an insider’s understanding of her nurse’s needs and concerns. She continues to pick up nursing shifts locally when time permits, and she is wholeheartedly devoted to helping her clients find success while nursing in Missouri and beyond.

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