19 nurse mobile apps designed to make #nurselife easier

19 Mobile Apps You Can’t Live without. We’ve all been there, you’re given instructions to administer a particular medication, and you draw a complete blank on what that medication does, even though you’ve administered it 1,001 times. A good memory and a healthy amount of experience makes for a fantastic nurse who provides superior care to his or her patients – but sometimes a little help never hurt anyone.

19 mobile apps designed to make #nurselife a whole lot easier

1. UpToDate

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education and a well-established mobile app known by almost all healthcare providers, UpToDate has a database that covers almost every aspect of healthcare including the latest findings and recommendations on medical practice as well as background information on ailments as well.

Its main features include: advanced search capabilities, a searchable graphics library with more than 35,000 pictures, tables, illustrations, diagram, algorithms and videos, a “What’s New” section with a summary of the most important information added to medical literature in recent weeks, a “Practice Changing Update” section that notifies users when a topic they’ve previously shown interest in has been impacted by a practice change, more than 1,500 corresponding patient information topics that users can review with patients in the exam room, integrated patient education solutions for EMRs and other healthcare applications, medical calculators that help users quickly and accurately calculate many different medical measurements, drug-to-drug and drug-to-herb interaction tools, and convenient links to full text of referenced articles.


2. Eponyms


For those of us who can’t remember every eponym, especially those obscure ones (e.g. Rovsing’s sign, Virchow’s node), Eponyms is the app for you with short descriptions and symptoms for about 1800 eponyms.

3. Epocrates


Filled with complete and accurate prescription data, and around since 1998, Epocrates provides the most current safety, diagnostic and treatment information with:

  • Rx and OTC monographs, pharmacology, prescribing and safety information, adult and pediatric dosing, adverse reactions, contraindications, black box warnings, pregnancy and lactation considerations

  • A drug interaction checker: prevent harmful interactions between up to 30 brand, generic, OTC, or alternative drugs at a time

  • Pill identifier: drug guide organized by shape, color, imprint code, etc.

  • 600+ dosing calculators, medical equations, and tools

  • Formularies: drug coverage information for 6,600+ U.S. insurance plans, by state

  • Customizable home screen with drag-and-drop simplicity

  • Alternative medicine monographs: dosage, interactions, etc.

  • Peer-reviewed disease content from the BMJ

  • Labs, ICD-10 codes, and more medical content

4. NurseGrid


Built and founded by nurses, NurseGrid is a mobile app designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to manage a nurse’s work schedule. You can add your shift, see who will be on shift with you, compare your schedule with colleagues, sync with your own preferred calendar, easily and quickly swap shifts right on the app, manage schedules for multiple work sites, private message colleagues, and manage your nursing credentials so you’ll never forget when they expire.

5. OB Wheel


All you OB nurses probably already have a paper OB Wheel in your pocket, and this is simply the digitized version. However, it provides a lot more accuracy, accessibility and flexibility. With the OB Wheel you can find estimated due date, LMP date, contraception date, 1st & 2nd trimester end date, gestational age, conceptional age, and expected fetal length and weight. With an in-app purchase you’re able to track any number of pregnancies, have an at-a-glance due date and gestational age, plus be able to add picture and text notes on each patient. Postpartum tracking is also available as is passcode locking for HIPAA compliance.

6. PediSTAT


Helpful for both critical care and emergency room nurses, this app allows you to calculate medication for smaller bodies, analyze symptoms and describe procedures. Features include (but are not limited to) rapid results for airway interventions including endotracheal tube sizes, depth, intubation medication dosages, ventilator settings and sedation. Data on age and weight specific pediatric equipment, cardiac resuscitation data, seizure medication dosages and age specific normal vital signs.

7. Pill Identifier


If we had a penny for every time a patient handed us a bowl of loose pills, we’d be millionaires. With the Pill Identifier you can quickly search over 14,000 medications based on their imprint, drug name, color or shape, a truly indispensable tool.


8. Lab Values Medical Reference


With hundreds of lab reference values in 16 different categories this app is all you need to decipher lab results for commonly ordered panels. In addition, this app provides thousands of medical abbreviations and over 400 prefixes/suffixes with origin language, etymology, and examples.


9. MDCalc


Say goodbye to complex calculations with this hugely helpful app that offers hundreds of clinical decision tools including risk scores, algorithms, equations, formulas, classifications, dosing calculators, and more. Simply by selecting your specialty, you’ll have access to these clinical calculators backed by evidence-based medicine.

10. Bark Happy


So many of us travel nurses hate to leave behind our faithful companions behind when on assignment. With Bark Happy you can bring your dog along with you by finding places to stay, meeting other dog owners, and maybe making some new friends along the way.


11. Medscape


For nurses looking to stay up to date in the healthcare industry, this is the app for you. Created by WebMD, this app provides a medical directory, continuing education, medical news and a clinical reference library.


12. WebMD


Also created by WebMD and essentially the app version of their website, this is an excellent resource for communicating to patients and their loved ones, using non-medical terminology.

For example, the doctor may have the told the patient s/he has sub-therapeutic international normalised ratios (INRs) which he concluded by measuring a patients INR level during a PT-INR test. The patient may not understand what all this means – but by doing a quick search on WebMD, you could communicate to the patient that the PT in PT-INR stands for prothrombin time. And the test measures how much time it takes for a patient’s blood to clot, a test which ensures that the patient is receiving the correct dosage of their medication.

13. Google Docs


The free google docs app allows you to create an access documents and folders, share them with other users to access and edit, easily labels and organizes folders and allows you to transfer files from your computer with simple drag and drop functionality.

With no limit on the number of Google accounts you can create, you can create a Google account specific to your travel nursing work. Organize your licenses, resumes, certifications, government identifications, etc. all in one easy to access place. Because you can access Google Drive from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, you’ll always have full access to your important paperwork.


Whether you’re a mastermind of organization, or a total novice, Google Docs is an ideal tool to organize your paperwork, make updates after each assignment and be able to easily forward all your documents to whatever travel agency you’re working with, or planning to work, for.

14. White Noise


It can be hard to get straight to sleep in a new bed, a new house, a new town, or even after a new shift. Don’t lose any sleep during the adjustment period with this list of six of the best white noise apps around, from Medical News Today. (Sorry, it was hard to choose just one!).

15. Resuscitation!


Regardless of your specialty, be warned, this app can be addictive. This is a virtual patient learning platform where you are in charge of the treatment and diagnosis of your virtual patient. Will they live? Will they die? Test your expertise on this fun app.


16. Medical Spanish


In today’s diversified world, it should come as no surprise that some of your patients may only speak Spanish, and if you’re not exactly fluent and don’t have a translator easily accessible at your hospital, then this is an app you should really have. The Medical Spanish assistant provides audio and commonly used phrases.

17. Nursing Central


While in nursing school you probably had to literally memorize 65,000 definition on various diseases, drugs, and tests and it’s quite possible (and understandable) you don’t remember all 65,000. Nursing Central provides all this along with a literature search function and access to Davis’s Drug Guide, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders, and MEDLINE Search and Journals.


18. Figure 1


A fun app where you can share your clinical cases and expertise with a secure community of over 2.5 million healthcare professionals from every specialty. Not only will you learn and grow in your profession and improve the quality of the care you give but you’ll also earn CME credits for doing so!


19. Pocket ICU


Whether you’re an ICU or ER nurse, this app will be helpful in quickly locating information from every subspecialty area of critical care. Written by attending physicians, and presented in brief formats, this app makes it easy to quickly find the answers you’re looking for. Perfect for preparing for rounds and consulting expert recommendations with:

  • Concise guidance written by attending physicians for everyone in critical care

  • Coverage of subspecialty areas including pediatric, neuro-critical, cardiac, transplant, burn, and more

  • Detailed images, figures, and decision support algorithms

  • Overview of Statistics and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)

  • Helpful appendices including calculation tables, formulas, and more

  • Entries with diagnosis, treatment, and management details

  • Universal Index Search help find topics quickly

  • “Favorites” for bookmarking important entries

Do you have a favorite app you use that we haven’t mentioned? Share it in the comments section below!

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