Next Move is Growing: And Hiring!

Next Move is proud to announce WE’RE HIRING for our internal team!

This past year our Kansas City, Missouri team has grown by leaps and bounds due to the hard work and dedication every single one of us has put forward to make this the fastest growing and highest paying travel nurse agency this side of the Mississippi. Heck – both sides of the Mississippi! 

As a travel nurse agency staffed with practicing RNs who work on our management team and as travel nurse recruiters – we put 100% of our focus on creating the best travel nursing experience for all our nurses. 

Nurse First.
Nurse Powered. 

I feel like Next Move has not only taken care of me this past year, but also taken care of my family. My husband had some health issues several months ago and Next Move made us feel very cared for. 
~Kate, ICU-RN

I really like that Next Move really invests in their nurses. That really speaks volumes about the type of company that Next Move is.
~Steph, Tele-RN

I can’t brag enough about Danielle, my recruiter. She is such an advocate. I think that’s what’s so important with coming into travel nursing for the first time, is having someone to advocate for you. 
~Hannah, Cardiac Tele RN

You can see our dedication has paid off: In the last year alone, our internal staff has grown by over 500%!  And the number of RNs we’ve booked has grown by over 1,000%!

We’re ready to grow even more – and we’d be honored to have you join us! 

Positions we’re hiring for right now include:

Next Move offers a hugely competitive compensation package, full health care benefits, including a 401(k) with 4% match, an industry leading PTO offering, a fun start-up like environment with full-training to set you up for success, frequent team building events & more!   

If you or someone you know is interested in any of these openings, please shoot us an email at:

To learn a little more about us – and get a feel for our company culture  click here. 

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