Top 6 Nursing Side-Hustles

Nursing Side Hustles: Have you ever sat around with your friends trying to come up with that “million dollar” business idea or invention that would be sure to bring in loads of money with hardly any work? Well – we have to – let us know if you come up with something. Hahaha.

All kidding aside, there are some great ways to earn a little cash on the side of your nursing career and none of them really take too much time or energy and some of them might even turn into full-time ventures. Who Top

6 Nursing Side-Hustles


Nursing Side Hustle #1: Writing or Blogging


Freelance writing is a great side hustle for nurses and there are several places that would appreciate a nurse’s perspective. But it can be a bit difficult to pitch your writing skills if you have nothing to show for it, so start with a personal blog.
Once you have a few pieces of written content that show your writing prowess, then you can pitch your ideas to various nursing journals or nursing blogs.

You can also take the steps to monetize your own blog. Neil Patel (one of the world’s top digital marketing entrepreneurs) gives you all the ins-and-outs of monetizing your blog in his article: 8 Powerful Ways to Monetize a Blog That Generates Under 1,000 Visitors Per Day.

We here at Next Move also pay our nurses to guest write for us! Interested? Message us for details today!

Nursing Side Hustle #2: Telehealth


If you’re an NP you may find telemedicine to be very lucrative on your off hours. Telehealth, also known as virtual healthcare, involves providing healthcare via phone or video.
Because of the ability to work when and where you want, Telehealth is one of the fastest growing sectors of healthcare, especially now, in the time of COVID-19.

Interested in learning more about telehealth? Click here.

Interested in finding what telehealth jobs are available? Click here.


Nursing Side Hustle #3:  Consulting


Take your nursing skills to a whole new level by becoming a nurse consultant. Nurse consultants (at times known as medical or health consultants) use their clinical background and education to provide medical information, medical advice and communication expertise to various public and private businesses.
Nurse consultants are hired to be the subject matter experts (SMEs) on various healthcare related issues or questions and are expected to have a thorough understanding of complex medical concepts as well as the expertise to translate these into terms anyone can understand.
Nurse consultants are hired to assist with healthcare related marketing tactics, offer clinical advice, and assist in legal cases.

For a list of remote nurse consultant openings, click here.

Nursing Side Hustle #4: Becoming an Expert Witness

There’s no better “side-hustle” than making a difference in people’s lives and becoming an expert witness is the perfect way to do both. Expert nursing witnesses provide insight into their given specialties and provide expert opinions at trials or hearings.

To learn more about becoming an expert witness and to register as an expert witness candidate, click here.


Nursing Side Hustle #5: Become a Teacher


As a nurse, you obviously know several life-saving techniques (such as CPR) that can be taught in schools and universities throughout the country! It’s an excellent way to earn a little extra income as well as keep up those skills yourself.
A great way to get started is through the American Red Cross which offers instructor training, certification programs and information on becoming a licensed training provider. Click here for details.

Nursing Side Hustle #6: Make a referral


If you’re a nurse, and you must be if you got this far, think about making a nurse referral to Next Move!
Not only will you help your friends and colleagues find great jobs, but you’ll also be able to earn up to $3,500 cash!
We pay $500 for each and every referral, and $1,500 for the 5th referral. Want to make a referral?
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