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Premier Travel Nursing Jobs. As a travel nurse agency located in Kansas City, Missouri, with a dedicated team of travel nurse recruiters made up of practicing RNs we have the inside knowledge to provide all our travel nurses with the highest paying, premier travel nursing jobs throughout the entire country.  Take the first step today,  submit your travel nursing application and we’ll do all the work to find you continuous and consecutive travel nursing jobs.


Premier Travel Nursing Jobs. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, with a dedicated team of recruiters made up of practicing RNs we have the inside knowledge you need to land those high paying travel nursing jobs.




Next Move, Inc. has thousands of travel nursing jobs to fill. Whether you’ve been a travel nurse for years or just checking out travel nursing for the first time, you’re most likely looking for a transparent, nurse first travel nurse agency that you can trust. 

Our dedicated team of recruiters, made up of practicing RNs is here to help you find those high paying travel nurse jobs. You tell us what travel nursing jobs you’re looking for and we find them. It’s that simple.  No fake travel nursing jobs. No hoops to jump through. No awful application processes. You’ll be assigned one recruiter who will work with you one-on-one, handle all the details and land you continuous and consecutive travel nursing jobs at premiere healthcare facilities throughout the country. 


  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401K from day ONE
  • Maximum allowable IRS travel stipend + a healthy meals and expenditure stipend
  • Educational opportunities
  • Licensing /certification renewals
  • 1:1 attention via phone, email or text to discuss open travel nursing jobs before you apply
  • Resume and application assistance for any travel nursing job you’re interested in
  • Relationships with premier healthcare institutions which provide you with the step up you need to secure and land those elite assignments
  • Highest pay in the industry – 10% higher than larger travel nurse agencies
  • 24/7 availability either by text or by phone
  • $500 referral bonus for every qualified travel nurse referral + a $1,500 bonus for the 5th travel nurse referral. 
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Top Rated Healthcare Staffing Agency: Officially

Next Move is excited to announce that our hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed as we’ve just been recognized  as one of Great Recruiter’s Top Rated Healthcare Staffing Firms of 2022! Great Recruiters Certified & Top Rated!  We’ve been Great Recruiters Certified for quite some time and are honored with this new distinction,

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Are Travel Nurse Recruiters Lying, Scheming, A-Holes?

We often receive comments on social media that we’re a bunch of liars, that none of the jobs we post are real jobs, and all we’re doing is just looking to scam RNs out of their livelihoods. So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to address some common misconceptions people have about healthcare staffing recruiters,

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This agency is sincerely invested in understanding each individuals capabilities and matching them with the right opportunities. Shelby and John helped me to find exactly what I needed in location, pay and position.
--Nicole Templet, RN
The pay has also been my best contract to date. This is also the first time I’ve utilized the 401k through my travel company and have actually used some of the insurance benefits as well because they were actually beneficial.
--Lori Still, RN
John has been very caring, patient and easy to get ahold of with all my questions, concerns and issues. I am so glad I took the leap and do not regret it for a second. 
--Heather Hood, RN

Next Move Inc.


No Fake Nursing Jobs

We literally never post anything that isn’t real or awesome. Our published jobs are available in real-time and as soon as they’re filled, we take them off line and move on to the next. 

Recruiters Available 24/7

Real life human beings available to you almost any time of day or night. Got a question at 4:00 am or 10:00 pm? No problem. We are available to you anytime. 

10% Higher Pay Packages

Because we’re a small team of nurses and healthcare  professionals, we have an extremely low overhead. Which is why we pay our nurses 10% more than other travel agencies.

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We’re not here to waste your time with endless applications and skills checklists. We take the time to get to know you, your needs and your qualifications all before you ever have to fill out a single form. With thousands of travel nursing jobs coming in daily, and a dedicated recruitment team available to you 24/7, you’ll never regret checking out what we have to offer. 

All you need to qualify to be a travel nurse is 2 years of experience, 2 recent referrals, an active license in your speciality and an updated resume.

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At Next Move, we take pride in helping our experienced, professional nurses find positions that they can thrive in and that are a great match for their areas of expertise. While we are a nurse staffing agency in Kansas City, we connect our clients with positions for nursing in Missouri and across the nation. Whether you are looking into travel nursing in Kansas City for the first time or you are an experienced healthcare professional who is looking for hospital jobs near me in a specific specialty, we are the nurse staffing agency that takes the stress out of finding the right position for your expectations and qualifications. Before you start looking for RN jobs near me on our job board, we invite you to get to know more about who we are and about the different approach that we take to get each nurse into the right travel nursing jobs.


Make a Difference Through Travel Nursing

Travel nursing jobs provide you with the incredible ability to make a profound difference in areas across the country that you choose to work in. Qualified nurses are in short supply in many areas of the country, and travel nursing jobs put you in positions where your skills are in high demand. In some cases, these positions for nursing in Missouri and in other states are temporary positions that fill an urgent need because of a temporary staff shortage or because of a sudden increase in demand for healthcare services. Full-time and part-time staff nurses may need to take a leave of absence, or positions may be available for only a limited time for other reasons. There are many reasons why healthcare institutions offer travel RN jobs in Missouri and beyond, and all of these job openings enable you to make a difference in the communities that you will work in.


The ability for a hospital or clinic to remain fully staffed at all times is essential for quality patient care and for the work environment that they provide for their staff members. Many of the positions for travel RN jobs in Missouri and beyond that you will find on our job board must be filled immediately, and others travel nursing jobs may have a start date that is only a week or two away. Travel nurses generally have the flexibility to quickly respond to urgent needs for their critical skills, so their services are in demand in many areas throughout the region.


As a travel nurse, your contributions at each facility that you work with will truly make an exceptional difference in the lives and care of the patients, and your impact will extend from there. When hospitals and clinics are short-staffed, the medical team is often overworked and must pick up extra shifts despite potentially being mentally and physically worn out. Filling an urgent need for skilled nursing in Kansas City and beyond helps to prevent this type of scenario. As a result, the hospitals’ staff nurses can be sharp and can consistently provide patients with a high level of care through nursing in Missouri.


Why Travel RN Jobs in Missouri Are Right for You

You can see why travel RN jobs in Missouri and beyond are in high demand, but are these travel nursing jobs right for you? One of the first factors to consider is the location of the travel RN jobs near me and your desire to travel. While many of the open positions that you will find on our job boards today are for travel nursing in Missouri, others are for out-of-state positions. When you contact our account managers for more details about nursing jobs near me, you are assured that we will match you with RN jobs in Missouri or elsewhere based on your location preferences. We will also do our part to help you find travel hospital jobs near me where you can thrive professionally. If you prefer to stay in Missouri or even in Kansas City, our account managers will assist you with locating nursing jobs that are a good match for you and that are located close to your home.


Many of our long-term traveling nurses enjoy the ability to change work environments periodically. They love to meet new people in different RN jobs in Missouri and elsewhere, and they enjoy the challenges that new positions bring. Before you apply for travel nursing jobs through our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City, you can see the work schedule for each available position. As is the case with most nursing jobs, our openings often put you on the schedule for a 12-hour shift four days each week. While there are variations to this, you will find that travel nursing in Missouri and beyond provides you with the opportunity to have free time in new areas. In these ways, your life can be uniquely enriched when you choose to do this type of nursing in Kansas City and in other locations where you choose to accept hospital jobs in Missouri and beyond.


As you get familiar with the posts on our job board, you will see that the RN jobs in Kansas City and in other desirable locations generally have a contracted end date. This provides you with the ability to conveniently plan to take time off in between contracts if you choose to do so. Many of our travel nurses use these short breaks to visit with family or to accomplish other goals. You may assume that travel nursing in Missouri and beyond could be relatively lonely because you may be away from home for several months at a time. However, the reality is that you can bring your pets and even your spouse or partner with you in each location where you work. You will also meet amazing people while you are working in different RN jobs in Missouri and in other states.


Perhaps one of the most attractive reasons why professionals like you are drawn to travel RN jobs in Missouri and elsewhere is compensation. Travel nurses often receive premium pay, so you may earn considerably more money working on a temporary contract basis than the permanent employees earn in staff RN jobs near me. If your goal is to maximize your annual income, simply stack contracts up back-to-back. On the other hand, if your goal is to enjoy ample downtime while also paying the bills, plan to take a week or two off in between each new job. These temporary nursing jobs in Missouri and beyond give you the flexibility to live the lifestyle that you want while also making a meaningful difference in the many hospitals and clinics that you work in.


Expect More From Your Healthcare Staffing Agency

Next Move is not your typical nurse staffing agency in Kansas City. Our agency is staffed by a variety of skilled, dedicated professionals who each bring their own set of talents to the table. Some team members are medical professionals like you who understand the importance of matching you with the right nursing jobs near me for your skillset and expectations. You may be aware that other staffing agencies that offer RN jobs near me advertise fake jobs with inflated compensation to lure you in. Many of these firms also operate with high overhead and have high fees as a result.


Our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City is different, and you will experience that difference from the first time you interact with your account manager. The posts for hospital jobs in Missouri and beyond that you see on our boards are all legitimate, and they have accurate details. Once those jobs for nursing in Kansas City and across the region are filled, the posts are immediately removed. We maintain high standards for transparency as well as for service to our many valued clients. Whether you need to reach an account manager early in the morning or late at night to discuss any aspects of nursing in Kansas City or elsewhere, you can feel confident that you will be able to talk to one of our team members immediately. More than that, you will receive friendly, knowledgeable support.


The Easy Way to Find Hospital Jobs Near Me

Travel hospital jobs in Kansas City and beyond are loaded with benefits, and we are the right nurse staffing agency to connect with for convenient access to those lucrative and rewarding jobs. Are you curious about the travel nursing jobs that are currently available? We make it easy for you to explore the details of current openings for RN jobs near me and for positions across the country. Available travel nurse positions on our job board are detailed with all relevant facts that you need in order to apply with confidence. These job details include the specialty, the compensation, the location, the shift details and the contract start and end dates. Are you looking for travel nursing jobs in a specific area of the country? Are you hoping to find temporary hospital jobs in Missouri that offer lucrative compensation? Regardless of what your reasons are for searching for traveling RN positions, our job boards make it easy for you to find the right positions that meet your goals.


At our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City, our account managers consistently focus on providing our clients with exceptional service at all times. We will never actively push you into a position that is not right for you. Instead, we are committed to helping each client find positions that meet their expectations and needs for compensation and for other relevant factors. Whether you are searching for nursing jobs near me or travel nursing jobs far from home, we are happy to support you now and as you search for new nursing jobs in Missouri and beyond in the years ahead.


Our Focus on Matching You with the Right Nursing Jobs in Missouri

Do you want to find well-paying travel RN jobs in Kansas City in medical surgery, the ICU or other units? Our job boards usually have hundreds of active listings for traveling nurse positions in Kansas City and beyond. You can conveniently search for hospital jobs in Kansas City or elsewhere through the search function on our job boards to narrow down the options to the openings that you are most interested in. While we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get familiar with the current possibilities for you to work as a travel nurse in different parts of the country, we will also work closely with you to ensure that you are matched with the right nursing jobs for your qualifications and expectations. We have a small team of 15 experienced professionals serving our healthcare clients who are always eager to help, and we assure you that we will always be available to offer personalized support for your job search.


Qualifications for Our Open Nursing Jobs

Do you have what it takes to do travel nursing in Missouri and beyond? At Next Move, our requirements are clear and concise. You need to have at least two years of professional nursing experience. You also need to provide two recent referrals, an updated resume and an active license. Keep in mind that you must have an active license in your specialty in order to apply for those specific positions. Other staffing agencies that could connect you to nursing jobs near me require jobseekers to jump through a serious of hoops and to supply seemingly large stacks of documents before you can be considered for a position. We eliminate the time, stress and hassle that you may otherwise experience as you search for traveling nurse positions. By doing so, we give you a clear path to apply for the travel nursing jobs that you find on our job board.


Do you have important questions that need to be answered before you apply for specific travel nursing jobs? As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand how important it is for our clients to find the hospital jobs near me that are well-suited for their preferences and skills. We also know that nurses often work long hours, so it is not always easy for our clients to contact a nurse staffing agency in Kansas City during regular business hours. Our recruiting team is available to answer all of your questions so that you can move forward with your professional plans for travel nursing in Missouri and beyond with a high level of confidence. More than that, our recruiters at Next Move are available to speak with you directly at any hour of the day or even in the middle of the night.


The Many Benefits of Travel Nursing in Missouri

Full-time and part-time staff positions for nursing in Missouri generally come with substantial benefits, such as healthcare coverage, retirement benefits and paid time off. You may think that you would be giving up all of the benefits that you love when you transition to travel nursing jobs in any location throughout the region, but this is not the case when you use Next Move to find your next contracts. When you accept travel RN jobs near me through our trusted staffing agency in the Kansas City area, you will have access to a great benefits package from your first day on the job. This package includes vision, dental and medical benefits. It also includes access to a 401k retirement plan.


The benefits available to our travel nurses extend to include stipends for meals, expenditures and travel. We offer the maximum travel stipend allowed by the IRS. These benefits are on top of your lucrative compensation per assignment. In fact, you may receive as much as 10 percent more per assignment working on your nursing contracts through Next Move than you would earn through other staffing agencies that offer RN jobs in Missouri and beyond. The financial benefits continue with the opportunity to earn a $500 bonus for every qualified referral you send to Next Move. On your fifth referral, you will receive a free family vacation.


We also offer an extensive range of additional benefits and perks that add true value to your life and to your career in different ways. For example, our clients can take advantage of numerous educational opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills in key areas. We also actively support our clients’ licensing and certification renewal processes. Because we cover all of the bases at Next Move, we allow you to concentrate on providing excellent patient care in your various positions.


At Next Move, we want you to be successful in your career as a respected travel nurse, and we do more than simply connect clients with travel hospital jobs in Missouri and elsewhere. Upon request, our account managers will happily provide you with application and resume assistance for any position on our board that you are interested in. Through this service, we help you to put your best foot forward and to land the most lucrative positions that you are qualified for as a licensed nurse. Our account reps at Next Move are also available to communicate with you directly before you apply for any open positions so that you can get answers to all of your important questions. Because we strive to be easily accessible, you can connect with us by phone, text or email. Text and phone inquiries are responded to promptly at all hours of the day and night. To further support your efforts to land the travel RN jobs in Kansas City or in other locations that you are interested in, we actively develop and nurture relationships with leading healthcare institutions across the country.


Other staffing agencies that specialize in supporting travel nurses like you simply connect healthcare professionals to jobs. This will not be your experience with our staffing agency because our team at Next Move does much more than that. Whether you are new to travel nursing or you are looking for a better way to find travel hospital jobs in Kansas City and beyond, Next Move is the nurse staffing agency that you can rely on to help you be successful in your career. This begins with assistance finding and landing your first position as a travel nurse, and it continues throughout a long and productive relationship.


Start Searching for Travel Nursing Positions Online

Nursing in Kansas City and elsewhere is infinitely rewarding, and you may be excited about taking full advantage of the benefits of travel nursing in Missouri as soon as possible. However, the only thing that may be holding you back is finding nursing jobs near me that are a good fit for your qualifications and expectations. Finding travel RN jobs in Missouri and in other states is easy to do through our website. Our job board is loaded with hundreds of travel nursing positions. Whether you are interested in nursing in Kansas City or you are excited about finding travel nursing jobs much farther from home, you will love the variety of positions available to you through the website.


Our job board is updated regularly. All filled positions are removed promptly, and all new positions are added right away. Because of this, we can assure you that all of the hospital jobs in Missouri and elsewhere that you find listed on our website today are accurate and are still available when you discover them online. Because we are always supportive and responsive to our clients, we are available to answer your questions about any of the hospital jobs in Kansas City or in other areas that you are interested in before you apply regardless of the day of the week or the hour of the day.


The job details for each travel nurse position hold critical information that you need to know before applying. These details include the job title and specialty, the location of the travel nursing position, the compensation, the length of the contract, the contract start date and other details. Because all relevant details are outlined upfront, you can save time by only applying for positions that are a perfect fit for your expectations.


With so many listings available for you to explore today, you will likely find several nursing jobs in Missouri or in other states that you would love to apply for. However, in the event that you do not find any suitable travel positions for nursing in Missouri and beyond today, continue checking the website. We frequently update the website with new RN jobs in Kansas City and in many other locations throughout the region. You can always find new opportunities to consider if you check back in with us every few days.


What Our Nurses Say

While nursing in Kansas City and elsewhere is both lucrative and rewarding, our travel nurses often talk about how much they love specific aspects of the job. Because travel nursing positions often have weeks-long contracts, our travel nurses appreciate being able to do their jobs without dealing with workplace drama that has a tendency to build in some environments. They also enjoy not having to be saddled with difficult coworkers or other aspects of unpleasant work environments. Our Next Move travel nurses also love the exceptional financial benefits associated with this type of nursing in Kansas City and in other areas. If you want to earn more money while potentially working less, becoming a travel nurse with Next Move could be right for you.


Our nurses who take advantage of travel RN jobs in Missouri and across the country also specifically talk about how great our account representatives and recruiters are to work with. In fact, many of our new travel nurses are referred to us by other travel nurses who have had great experiences with us. Our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City has an excellent reputation for having supportive, attentive representatives. Some professionals hop around from staffing agency to staffing agency in search of the best hospital jobs in Missouri that are available at the time, but many of our professionals prefer to only work with our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City. This is because of the exceptional support that we provide to each of our clients and because of the premium compensation available through our job listings.


Contact Our Nurse Staffing Agency in Kansas City Today

Are you excited to find about the travel hospital jobs in Kansas City or in other areas that are available today? Do you have questions about travel nursing in Missouri that you need answered by a trusted expert before you seriously consider applying for any new nursing jobs in the local area or in other locations? As lucrative as travel nursing in Kansas City and elsewhere can be, transitioning to travel nursing from a full-time position and choosing the right staffing agency to use are serious matters that require your full attention. At Next Move, we invite you to get to know more about our nursing staffing agency in Kansas City and about the nursing jobs near me that are available by checking out our website in detail today. Then, reach out to our supportive recruiters to get more details about our agency and about the available travel nursing jobs that you are interested in.

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