Whether you're a nurse traveler yourself or on this site because you're curious to learn more about nurse traveling or somehow stumbled upon this site because Google Algorithms knew your best friend was unhappy at their nursing job, you've come to the right place. Not only does Next Move take care of every detail of all our nurse travel assignments, but we also offer referral bonuses, a lucrative ambassador program and a scholarship program for nurses still in nursing school. Scroll down to learn more! 

So you've either (a) stumbled across our site and thought: while I'm not ready to make the jump, OMG this would be an amazing opportunity for my best friend or (b) you're already a nurse traveler and want to pass on an exciting new lifestyle to a nurse friend of yours. Either way, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to make some easy money by making a referral.  All we need is their name and email and we'll take it from there. All referrals receive $500!

$500 Cash

Because we value the hard-work and dedication of all our nurse travelers and because we believe that sometimes appreciation is best spoken in dollar signs, we offer the Ambassador Program for nurses that work consecutive contracts. To qualify all you need to do is work 4 consecutive contracts and make 5 qualified referrals and we'll reward you with everything from large cash bonuses, free vacations, nurse attire, and an assortment of gift cards. 


We value the time, blood, sweat and tears it takes to become a qualified, practicing nurse and we also understand the sacrifice and financial hardships that student loans can have on our nurses. As such, we offer the Celebrity Scholarship to qualified candidates, a partnership we've formed with some of Hollywood's elite to provide $1500 every 13 weeks to a nurse in nursing school. Live drawings every 13 weeks!

$1500 Cash