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Updated: May 1

If you've been following along you know that in building relationships with our nurses and premier healthcare institutions throughout the Midwest we think it’s important to put a human face to who we are, how we work, what inspires us, and more! That’s why we’ve developed the “Meet Next Move” blog series where each week we’ll profile one of our amazing team members.

John Heymach Clinical Operations Partner and Healthcare Recruiter

This week we’d like to introduce you to John Heymach, Clinical Operations Partner and Healthcare Recruiter at Next move Inc.

When we set out to write a profile on John, we asked him a number of questions. Questions ranging from years of experience (8-years nursing) to place of birth (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) to career highlights (starting the #1 IV therapy company in Kansas City, Missouri).

We also asked John, a current Neuro/Trauma ICU Nurse, to paint a picture of what a typical day is like for him. He wrote something so eloquent, so humanizing, so real, that we’re just going to publish it here, word-for-word:

A Typical Day

A typical day usually starts to the sound of my wife’s alarm, at 5:00am. While she always jumps up right away to start her day, I usually put my head under the pillow and stubbornly try to convince myself that the extra 7 minutes of sleep I'm about to get - is actually helpful.


Once I finally get up, I head downstairs and without fail, find one of my three kids downstairs watching TV and eating snacks they know they’re not supposed to be eating.

“You need to go back to bed, it’s only 5:30am.” I sternly tell them, to which they’ll always respond “no” and run upstairs to wake up the other two kids.

I stroll into the kitchen with full intentions of making coffee but upon hearing the sounds of my kids: “We’re hungry, can we have pancakes?” I go into a slight panic. I have three kids. Did I remember to move the elf on the shelf? I casually look over my shoulder and see that yes. I'm not a horrible father. The elf is now hanging upside down from the coat rack behind me. Whew!

Time For School Kids!

I make the coffee, cook-up some pancakes and kiss my wife on her way to work. Because I know what’s about to come with this morning’s madness, I contemplate keeping the kids at home all day. But instead I feed, dress and get everyone ready for school. It’s a bit challenging. I can tell you as a young man I never once thought I’d know the difference between tights, leggings, yoga pants and what’s allowed to be worn in school today.

We’re now in the car. It’s 7:45am. While my kids are arguing over a Cheese Nip they found in the car seat, I hear my phone ping with a new message. Correction: 87 new messages.

And There I Was - Still in My Bedroom Slippers

I buckle everyone in and am halfway down the hill from my house when I realize not only am I still wearing my bedroom slippers, but I forgot to give the kids their antibiotics for their ear infection.

I whip the car around, drive back up the hill, run into the house, grab the meds, and start to pull out of the driveway.

I look into the backseat and realize I’m missing a kid, the same kid that’s now standing in the driveway waving goodbye at me and laughing. Forehead slap.

“Why did you get out of the car?” I asked my young daughter. “Because I got worried when you ran back into the house, so I went to come find you!” she replied with an innocent smirk that always makes me laugh.

She hops back into the car, buckles in and we’re on our way! Of course, at this point I realize I’m low on gas. “6 miles left.” I make a mental note to check the internet and see if there was a full moon last night.

School Drop-Off Lines

We make it to school in 12-minutes flat and I’m now in the school drop-off line. Do you ever wonder why it seems like the folks in these drop-off lines are driving a car for the first time in their life? Or have never once learned how to properly open a car door? Or is it just me?

Just questions I ask myself when the line is 10-deep, and no one seems to be moving for 47 minutes.

One time I slowed my car down to 5 mph, opened the car door and told my kids to jump. Just kidding, but on some days, it’s been tempting.

I finally make it to the end of the drop-off line, kiss two of my kids good-bye and at the same time have the thought occur to me: they’re getting so big so fast. I wish could somehow slow time and make these moments with them last a little longer.

"Daddy Fart."

I now have my 4-year-old in the back who says he has to go “pee pee.” With just “4 miles” left on my tank, I’m thinking there’s no way to stop for gas, stop for "pee pee" and get him to preschool in time. So I tell him “you just have to wait, little man, we’re almost at school” and enter my last school drop-off line of the day.

Did the mom ahead of me just get out of her car to help her kid get out? Ummm…do you think it’d be appropriate if I honk? Probably not, so I patiently wait until it’s my turn.

We finally make it, top of the line! I unlock the car door, and my son locks it. “Stop it” I say and unlock the door again. He then laughs, passes some gas and says: “I fart.” The car now stinks as the teacher opens the door to the smell of a 4-year old Captain Crunch cereal death smell. The teacher locks eyes with me and I’m thinking she’s going to get sick right here, in my car. I start to apologize for the smell but my son interrupts me to say: “Daddy fart!”

Did I just get punked by my own kid?

And Then...

Shortly thereafter I arrive at the office say good morning to Drew (Coleman) and start the day by catching up on my emails. From there the day pretty much just flies by. I work, grab some lunch, work some more and head home for dinner.

I cook dinner, bathe the kids, read them a book and tuck them in. The time is 8:00pm. My first free moment of the day! I fall onto the couch and flip through the channels for a little bit until my wife says she’s heading to bed. I turn off the TV, head upstairs with a book in hand, crazily thinking I’m going to get some reading in tonight. But as always – fall asleep even before I turn the first page.

My day usually starts to the sound of my wife’s alarm, at 5:00am…

More About John -->

Coffee or Tea Coffee

Favorite Food Salmon

Favorite Movie Shawshank Redemption but not on TBS

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

I once won a dance competition in 7th grade. I have since lost those skills.

How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

I think they would say, “Is that really a true story? I can’t tell when your serious?”

What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?

I want to lose 3 lbs. That sounds like a goal I can possible hit.

The best piece of advice I've ever been given is:

There is a big difference between a human being and being human. -Steve Jobs

What advice would you give a nurse who wants to join Next Move?

Don’t just take a job for the money. Take it for the adventure and the challenge you will face. Travel the world, see the places only people see in magazines. You only live once.

What is one of the most defining moments in your life?

Having 3 kids. After 2 it’s like drowning in the pool and someone throws you a baby.

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Why if you a poor a glass of wine in the dead of winter, that one gnat will find you.

Why did you choose your profession?

Because being a nurse by bedside for several years made me realize that helping other nurses make better money and finding them travel jobs is very rewarding.

At the end of the day – what makes you smile?

A glass of wine and bad joke.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs but I love cats too. A house full of animals is a necessity.

My favorite word in the English language is:

Petrichor. “Although I do love the pleasant, dewy petrichor of the post rain afternoon, I still hope the weather stays sunny.”

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be:

Reading minds. Although being invisible would be fun, it would be more fun to read people’s minds and see what they actually are thinking when they look at me with a strange look on their face.

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

Getting them the best pay after another company promises them the moon.

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