Say Goodbye to Office Politics

Are you really going to miss those office politics?

Guess what staff nurses never miss when they take jobs as travel nurses? Drama.

Unfortunately, when you work with the same people week in and week out, it’s a bit hard to avoid disputes over schedules, pay raises, promotions, even staffing ratios.

When you work as a travel nurse – you’re immediately free of all that. You’re the new kid on the block and can easily stay out of office politics because you’re not stressing about being promoted or getting a better position – you’ve already got it!

The one downside is making friends will be a little harder because you're only on the assignment temporarily (although a ton of nurses do re-sign contracts at the same hospital). However, everyone appreciates a nurse that focuses on their job and helps others accomplish theirs, and oftentimes, invites to ‘Taco Tuesday’ happen quicker than you’d think.  

To learn more about how to make friends in your new location, check out Midwest Discovery, choose the state your considering, and click on “How to make friends in…”.

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