Thousands of Mask Bands to be Donated Throughout Kansas City

A short time ago our Clinical Operations Partner and practicing nurse, John Heymach, BSN, RN, received a phone call from an ICU nurse inquiring into respiratory mask bands. Did he know where she could get some or could they be made?

Due to the coronavirus, nurses these days are now wearing their respiratory masks 24/7 and mask bands have become more popular because not only do they make the masks more safe by keeping them in place, but they also help to alleviate the pressure the masks place on the backs of the ears.

John reached out to a nurse at St. Luke’s South Hospital, Ashley Stimac, who’s 7-year old son had recently designed a Kansas City themed mask band in response to his mom’s frequent mask wearing. Knowing the kid had limits on how many mask bands he could produce from his personal 3D printer, John offered his help in the form of a friend in Florida, Rodrigo Lima, who owns a 3D printing company, Lime Design. The offer was graciously accepted, and John quickly went to work gathering donations to cover the cost of production.

“Between Ashley Stimac, generous donations from Revive & Rally Health Lounge and Next Move Inc. and the printing expertise of Rodrigo Lima, we’re hoping to donate thousands of these throughout the Kansas City area in the next couple of weeks,” said John. “The support and outreach for these mask bands has been remarkable. People really truly appreciate them and need them in this current time.”

If you’re interested in making a donation to help John get more of these out to nurses and first responders in the Kansas City area, please check out his KC Mask fundraiser on Facebook.

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