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  • How long do travel nursing contracts last? 
  • What is the application process? 
  • What happens after an assignment is accepted? 
  • What does the first day of a travel nurse assignment look like? 

Making the switch from a full-time or part-time staff nurse to travel nursing in Kansas City is relatively easy to do when you work with the experienced recruiters at our nurse staffing agency. While the process is easy, many nurses are apprehensive about letting go of their stable position as a staff nurse and moving into something that is unfamiliar to them. As a reputable nurse staffing agency in Kansas City, our friendly and knowledgeable recruiting team routinely answers questions and helps our clients to decide if these nursing jobs in Missouri are a suitable fit for them. Before you start searching for nursing jobs for traveling professionals on our website, take the important step of getting to know more about what travel nursing in Missouri is all about.


Is Travel Nursing in Kansas City Right for You?

Many working professionals find comfort in the stability of staff nursing in Missouri, and they worry about things like getting healthcare insurance and being able to find regular travel hospital jobs in Missouri. These are understandable concerns, and our recruiters are always happy to ease our clients’ minds. Our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City offers exceptional benefits to our clients. In fact, you can enjoy benefits like health care insurance, a 401k plan and other benefits on your first day of travel nursing in Kansas City. Regarding compensation and making ends meet, our nurse staffing agency offers compensation that is often 10 percent higher than what you will find with other agencies. This is combined with the fact that travel RN jobs in Missouri and beyond often pay a premium. In fact, many professionals who work in traveling nursing in Kansas City may enjoy a better quality of life. This is because they can earn more money at traveling nursing jobs in Missouri on a weekly basis than they would earn as a staff nurse. Travel RN jobs in Kansas City and in other desirable areas often require a 13-week commitment, but there is some variation to this. You will have the opportunity to immediately look for other travel positions for nursing in Kansas City or to work in some time off in between contracts. Because you may earn more money from travel hospital jobs in Kansas City and elsewhere, taking a week or two off in between assignments may be more manageable than you might initially think.


How Can You Find Travel Hospital Jobs in Missouri?

Are you wondering how you can find travel RN jobs in Kansas City or in other locations that appeal to you? At Next Move, we are a trusted nurse staffing agency with a solid reputation for providing our clients with attentive, personalized service. You can explore our current listings for travel hospital jobs in Missouri and elsewhere today before applying. By doing so, you can get a great feel for the types of nursing jobs in Missouri and beyond that are available for travel nurses. We also encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter includes detailed listings on available travel hospital jobs in Kansas City and other cities across the region. By having these listings delivered directly to your inbox, you can easily stay informed about exciting opportunities that you may be interested in. When you find a position or two that you are interested in, simply connect with our recruiting team for further assistance.


What Should You Look for When Searching for Hospital Jobs Near Me?

Through your experience with staff nursing in Kansas City or in other areas throughout the region, you may be aware of the wide range of positions available at various clinics and hospitals. When you explore the details of specific travel nursing jobs near me, you may notice that these are temporary nursing jobs that may be used to address a short-term staff shortage or to meet an unexpected influx of patients. Because of this, travel hospital jobs in Kansas City and elsewhere generally have similar rotation schedules and work hours as the staff nursing jobs that you may be familiar with. However, these factors can vary from position to position, and they require your full attention.


When you review our board for traveling nursing jobs near me, you also need to pay attention to the weekly pay, the weekly stipend and the gross weekly pay. Many openings for travel hospital jobs in Missouri and in other areas specifically require experience and licensing or certifications in various relevant areas, and these requirements are outlined on the job posts as well. While nursing in Missouri is rewarding on many levels, finding the right travel hospital jobs near me that meet your specifications can often be challenging. The recruiters at our nurse staffing agency are eager to help you find travel RN jobs in Kansas City and other locations that are well-suited for you.


How Can You Get Started?

If you have decided to take advantage of the lucrative compensation and the other exciting benefits of travel hospital jobs in Kansas City or in other cities, you understandably want to get started soon. You can get the ball rolling with your transition to this type of nursing in Missouri or in other states in the region by filling out our application online. You will also need to supply a few documents before you can formally apply for travel hospital jobs near me. These include recent letters of reference, an updated resume and documentation for your licensing and certification. The recruiters at our nurse staffing agency in Kansas City always respond to our clients’ inquiries promptly, so you will not be waiting long to hear back from us about your application status. Once you are approved for travel assignments for nursing in Missouri, you can actively apply for the positions that you are interested in. Our recruiters are always available to assist with your search for the right nursing jobs near me.


What Do You Do After Your First Assignment Ends?

Your first experience with this type of nursing in Kansas City or in other locations will undoubtedly fly by. You will form great relationships with your temporary coworkers and will have many new professional work experiences. Many of our clients who are new to this type of nursing in Missouri love the experience and are eager to apply for new assignments. While some of the nursing jobs near me that you will find on our website have an immediate start date, others may have a start date that is a week or two away. With this in mind, you can start looking for new nursing jobs in Missouri or in other areas where you are interested in working as your first assignment winds down. By working closely with your recruiter at our nurse staffing agency, you can line up your next assignment with ease.


Take Our Free Online Course to Learn More

Do you want to learn more about travel nursing in Kansas City? At our nurse staffing agency, we understand the importance of finding hospital jobs near me that meet all of your needs and that are a great fit for you. We also know that some professionals may still be on the fence about whether these types of nursing jobs in Missouri are suitable for their lifestyle and financial situation. You can conveniently learn more about this type of nursing in Kansas City and beyond by signing up to take our free online course. After getting to know more about travel hospital jobs in Missouri and throughout the region, you can make this important career decision with the highest degree of confidence.

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