They Say Size Doesn’t Really Matter. We’re Here to Prove Them Right

When it comes to travel nursing, working with the biggest travel nurse agency in the world is great because of the hundreds of thousands of travel nurse opportunities you have at your fingertips. But what are those opportunities exactly? How real are they? How much in alignment are they with what you’re looking for? And how much time will your recruiter take to find your those premier assignments? If you’re working with an agency that’s just set up to collect as many resumes as humanly possible – then how do you know you’ll ever actually get that interview?

With growing frustration amongst travel nurses in finding an agency that actually gives a shit: the question we have to ask is: Is bigger really better?
At Next Move we don’t have hundreds of thousands of travel nurse opportunities at our fingertips. We have just a few thousand. Just a few thousand highly desirable, real-time, high-paying opportunities. As a smaller travel nurse agency, we can’t afford to waste anyone’s time, so we take the time to get to know our nurses. Everything from what assignments make them happy to their location and contract preferences to their career and life goals.
You may be saying: That’s nice John, but why would any travel nurse want to sign up with a smaller agency when the larger agencies offer thousands of more opportunities?
It’s a great question but the answer is quite simple. Our nurses love money, and with a small team, a tiny office in downtown Kansas City, and overall less overhead we regularly pay our nurses 10% more than bigger staffing agencies.


As a smaller travel nurse agency, we have to work harder, and try harder to make it right for all our travelers. If a traveler comes to us with a timecard or payment issue where they’re not going to get paid on time, we’ll PayPal or wire transfer that payment to them and work out the details later in order to make sure that traveler is happy. Can larger agencies say the same?
As a smaller travel nurse agency, we have the flexibility to be unconventional and make quick decisions. “Doing what’s right” is a phrase that comes to mind when I think about this. Most recently we had a hospital come to us and let us know that a contracted nurse needed to end her contract abruptly due to a family issue. Knowing the hospital needed to have this position filled, one or our recruiters, Caleb Skyles, RN, BSN, CCRN, volunteered to cover 6 shifts until our backfill could start. Can larger agencies stay the same?
As a smaller travel nurse agency, we don’t have the luxury of business hours, or curated job titles. Everyone that works at Next Move has “customer service” at the top of their job duties. Regardless if it’s 6:00am or 7:00pm, we’re there answering that call, and handling any issues that may arise. Our dedicated delivery teams (account managers, recruiters, compliance and sourcing) means that you’ll have one recruiter focused on you and your needs and won’t get tossed around to someone who hasn’t been with you every step of the way. Can larger agencies say the same?
When it comes to the size of a travel nurse agency, we’re here to tell you, from our own experience, the experience of our nurses and the experience of the hospitals that we’ve worked with that bigger isn’t better when you’re fighting high turnover and a lack of qualified nurses. We may not have as many opportunities as some larger agencies – but the few thousand we do have are highly curated, highly desirable, highly paid, and highly likely to get filled fast.
Interested in learning more? Contact us today or check out job board and see if something sparks your interest! Sold and interested in applying right now? Fill out our “Quick Apply” form today!

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