Below you’ll find nursing licensing information state-by-state

As a travel nurse, you will need to get your nursing license in the state in which you choose to work. Each state has its own nursing license requirements and some states offer a Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC) which is an agreement between states that allows nurses to hold one valid nursing license that works in numerous states. Learn more about Nursing Compact States here. Many states throughout the Midwest have an NLC.

At Next Move, we’ll walk you through the process to make sure you’re licensed in the state(s) in which you’d like to work. We pride ourselves on our streamlined nursing license process, which has helped many nurses expedite the licensing process.

Whether you’re interested in a nursing compact license, an RN walk through state or simply need to renew an existing nursing license, we are here to help.

Alabama State Board of Nursing

Arizona State Board of Nursing

Arkansas State Board of Nursing

California State Board of Nursing

Colorado State Board of Nursing

Kansas State Board of Nursing

Louisiana State Board of Nursing

Mississippi State Board of Nursing

Missouri State Board of Nursing

New Mexico State Board of Nursing

Nevada State Board of Nursing

Oklahoma State Board of Nursing

Oregon State Board of Nursing

Texas State Board of Nursing 

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