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If you haven’t heard – Next Move has launched a brand-new Next Move Mobile App! Aside from keeping track of all your certification renewals there are many other things this app has been designed to do, to make your travel nurse journey all a whole lot easier! 

All from the comfort of your mobile device you can: 

If you’re just looking for an assignment

  • Set up job alerts, custom to what you’re looking for
  • Set up push notifications for submission & pay package updates
  • Search, favorite & apply for jobs
  • Upload important documents
  • Check & change status of an application
  • View/accept/decline offers

Once you accept an assignment, you can: 

  • View all available details of an upcoming assignment
  • Receive notifications about a current assignment
  • Upload timesheet
  • Request an extension
  • Directly message the Next Move team

All the things you love about Next Move, now at your fingertips.

What Now?
Well for starters: Download the Next Move App today! Links are below:



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