Where are the $5K Per Week Assignments?

Travel Nurse Rates Dropping

Many of you may be wondering why travel nursing salaries have seen such a dramatic shift over the last few weeks and what the heck happened to those $5K+ per week contracts?

The Reality

In a few short words: they’re going, going, gone.

As with all travel nursing assignments, pay is directly tied to a hospital’s census. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with hospitals beds filling up at unprecedented rates – hospitals were short-staffed and offering top dollar to anyone and everyone. Now that COVID-19 is starting to see a downward turn, more and more beds are becoming available and the need for nursing staff has been greatly reduced – resulting in what you’re seeing now – weekly pay that’s more in line with what we saw a year ago before the pandemic hit.

Are High Salaries Still Available?

Yes. You will absolutely find contracts out there that are paying way more than the average salary we’re seeing, which is anywhere from $1,800-$3,200 a week. A quick search on Wanderly.com will reveal you can still earn as much as $5,731 as an ICU RN in Massachusetts, $5,004 in New Mexico & $4,985 in New York.  The difficulty with these assignments is that they’re hot commodities right now and hundreds of nurses are applying for them. So unless your travel nurse agency has a direct relationship with that hospital – it is unlikely you will land those assignments.

In addition – when we’ve filled these high paying assignments – more often than not the contract gets cancelled before the end of the 13-week contract.

Advice for Travel Nurses

Our best advice to our travel nurses, or nurses interested in traveling, is to work with a travel nurse agency that has a direct relationship with they hospitals they’re staffing. We here at Next Move specialize in assignments throughout the Midwest, specifically Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri & Oklahoma.

Check out our travel nursing job picks of the week here: https://www.nextmoveinc.com/hotjobs

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